Signature Citrus and Herb Cod Fillets with Multi Grain Orzo, Quinoa and Vegetable Blend from Yelloh

See what's so amazing about our seafood

At Yelloh, we're known for sensational seafood - flaky, moist fish fillets, tender shrimp and crunchy battered and breaded selections. But behind every delicious bite, there's a story of our quest for the highest quality and most responsible sourcing.

Certified and verified

Our partners use responsible fishing practices to ensure sustainable fisheries for generations to come. We work with three certifying agencies to verify many of our seafoods as responsibly sourced.

Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management's Certified Sustainable Logo

Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management

Based on the most comprehensive international guidelines for responsible fisheries practices.

Marine Stewardship Council's Certified Sustainable Seafood Logo

Marine Stewardship Council

Helps ensure sustainable fish stocks and minimize environmental impact.

Global Seafood Alliance Best Aquaculture Program's Certification Logo

Global Seafood Alliance
Best Aquaculture Program

Addresses environmental responsibility, animal welfare, food safety and traceability for aquaculture facilities.

Pick your perfect seafood

With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which seafood to try. To find your perfect-fit fish, pick a category below and get started.

Less-fishy flavor

Cod is the way to go if you're looking for super-mild flavor, with Pollock a close runner up. Both cook up white and flaky with delicate flavor.

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Signature Citrus and Herb Cod Fillets

Fuller flavor

The naturally occurring unsaturated fats in salmon contribute to its full and fabulous flavor. Due to a more controlled diet, farm-raised salmon often has deeper, more consistent color with firm texture and slightly milder flavor. Our wild-caught Alaska salmon may contain a little less fat than our farm-raised salmon and can have a slightly firmer, meatier bite.

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Firm and flaky

Mahi Mahi is the go-to for firm, almost steak-like texture with large flakes and is a top choice for fish tacos. Choose orange roughy for large-flaked fillets that are slightly more tender.

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Signature Mahi Mahi Fillets

Slightly sweet

Tilapia quality can vary widely, depending on where it's sourced. Ours is farm raised in Indonesia in fresh, cold water for the cleanest taste and highest quality. Like our blue hake, the flavor of tilapia is mild and slightly sweet. Pick tilapia if you prefer a firmer fish, and blue hake for a softer, less flaky selection.

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Thick-Cut Tilapia Loins


To deliver consistently plump, tender texture and rich, slightly sweet flavor, most of our shrimp are farm-raised vanamei or white shrimp species. We strive to source from the finest aquaculture environments that meet the highest standard of aquaculture and are BAP certified.

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