Why did Schwan's Home Delivery change its name to Yelloh?

Why did the company change its name?

We are incredibly proud of our 70+ year history as Schwan's Home Delivery. As the originators of frozen food delivery, we're always dreaming up new ways to innovate. That spirit led us to evolve our name and our brand. Our name change to Yelloh is part of a brand evolution, along with changes to our website and app, more delivery options, and digital tools to boost the ways we can be convenient to customers.

How did you come up with Yelloh?

We considered over a hundred names to find just the right fit. Preserving our heritage mattered greatly in choosing Yelloh, while conveying the joy and quality you know us for. Yelloh is bright, warm, friendly, reminds us of our iconic trucks, sounds like a greeting between neighbors, and just happens to be our favorite color.

Have you also changed your products with the name change?

Some of our product offerings may change a bit with the seasons, trends, and customer demand, but we're dedicated to providing exceptionally delicious frozen favorites you've always loved. Look for us to expand our offerings into new areas - like pet products! - and frozen items from some favorite partner brands.

What do we call our "Schwan's guy" now?

You can call these outstanding men and women delivery pros or Yelloh pros, or - like most of our customers - simply call them by their first names! That first-name-basis kind of relationship we have with customers is what sets us apart from other food and grocery delivery services.

Was your company purchased by a company from China or South Korea?

No. In 2018, CJ CheilJedang purchased several divisions of the Schwan's Food Company. The home delivery service with the yellow trucks - now known as Yelloh - was not part of that sale, and we stayed independent and owned by the Schwan family. Today, we remain owned by private shareholders that include the Schwan family, and we remain headquartered in Minnesota as we've been for more than 70 years.

Is the Schwan family involved in the company they founded?

Yes! Several generations of the family have been instrumental in building this company and continue to serve in leadership roles to set our strategy and direction. Paul Schwan - son of founder Marvin Schwan - is the Executive Chairman of our Board of Directors.

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