Is your packaging recyclable?

Currently, many Yelloh product packages can be recycled. Including: White paperboard boxes, brown kraft (cardboard) boxes, black trays and bowls, and 1-gallon and 1.5-gallon ice cream containers/lids, even if they aren’t marked as recyclable. In some communities, the Styrofoam containers used when we ship direct are recyclable. Currently, our product bags, inner films, pint and 56-oz. ice cream containers and lids products are not recyclable. We encourage you to check with your local community’s website or recycling center for policies and guidelines specific to your area before recycling.

Recyclable materials (if your community accepts them):

  • All paperboard (white) and brown kraft (cardboard) boxes
  • 1-gallon & 1.5-gallon ice cream containers & lids
  • Black plastic bowls and meal trays
  • Single-use plastic bags used to drop off orders at your door
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